Surfing in Spain (and nearby!)


While I’m in Spain, one activity that really interests me is surfing. I’ve never surfed before, but after spending a week in Hawaii this past year and paddle boarding, I would love to try surfing. Luckily, I’ll be in Basque Country which boasts some of the best surf spots in Spain! I’m hoping to check out some surf lessons while I’m there and maybe do a destination surfing visit somewhere. Here’s some ideas I have so far:

Surf Lessons – San Sebastian, Spain 

Surf Lessons – Bilbao, Spain

  • Wellentime: Offers both surf lessons, accommodations and rentals. Four days of lessons is 180-€ and six days is 260 €. They also offer family packages and have deals on their website. Definitely thinking about checking them out when I’m in Bilbao!

Baleal Surfcamp – Baleal, Portugal

  • Offer different combination packages including accommodation (hostel or luxury), surf lessons and equipment
  • Prices vary based on season (high season: July 1-Sept 15, mid season: Sept 15-Oct 27, March 31-June 30, low season: Oct 27-Dec 31, Jan 2-March 31)
  • Offer in 3 day, 7 day and 14 day packages
  • What interests me: Low season package that includes hostel accommodation, surf lessons and equipment. 3 day package is 148€ (2 days of surfing, 2x day for 1.5-2 hours) or the 7 day package is 245€ (5 days of surfing, 2x day for 1.5-2 hours. Also includes surf factory tour and a sight seeing tour)

Ericeria Surf House – Ericeria, Portugal

  • Offer different combination packages, including accommodation (shared room, double, twin and suite)
  • Prices vary based on season (special season: July, Aug, high season: June, Sept, mid season: March, April, May, Oct, Carnival, Easter, low season: Jan, Feb, Nov, Dec
  • Offer in one week or nightly deals
  • Offer surf camp, sufari (surf guide), bed & breakfast and full pack options
  • The only difference between surf camp and full pack is dinner included
  • What interests me: surf camp option during low season for a week 185 € which includes 5, 2 hour surf lessons during the week, accommodation, breakfast, transportation to the beach, equipment and coaching

Surf Camps in France

  • Available along the west coast of France, but are significantly higher in price (about double the cost) of week long surf camps in Portugal and Spain

Overall, in doing my research, the trend I’ve noticed is that Portugal definitely has the most affordable surf camps! My plan is to do some lessons in Northern Spain and then do a surf camp when I get a chance in Portugal! I’m hoping to go during the off season to keep costs lower but still be able to get the surf experience (it will be colder, but that’s what wet suites are for!).


Have you ever surfed before or taken surf lessons? Where would be your dream spot to surf? 

Tell me what you think!

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