What lead me to the Auxiliar de Conversacion Program in Spain

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Lately, I’ve had a huge internal struggle with if I should be doing this program. To be honest, most of my question is coming from the complete unsupportive and judgmental opinion of my parents. In the past few months, I’ve heard everything from me being selfish for doing this program to them saying they will never speak to me again if I do. While that is a hard pill to swallow, something is still telling me I have to go. Somehow, this program found me and if I don’t take this opportunity, I know I will regret it the rest of my life. It all began the day I decided I wasn’t going to apply to medical school. I remember crying on the phone to my dad, because I just was so confused. I walked into the union at my college campus, a half hour early for my student organization meeting. I decided to get on my computer and look at other post-grad options. The first thing I typed into the google search was “post grad travel options”. After spending only 30 minutes on google reading about people who got their TEFL certification and have been teaching abroad, I quickly decided that would be my next step. I began dreaming of teaching in Europe and having a life abroad after graduation. It was all I could think about….

The next day, I was at lunch with my friend and I excitedly told her that I had figured out what I wanted to do after graduation. I told her I was still looking in to ways to make it happen, but I wanted to move abroad. To my surprise, she didn’t think it was crazy and knew a friend who moved to Spain. She gave me his contact information and that is when I learned about the Auxiliar De Conversacion (North American Culture & Language Assistant Program) and the rest is history!

The tough part for me has been explaining to others that people change, dreams change and life doesn’t follow a direct path. All through college, it was about medical school. But when I finally let myself really think about post grad life, I realized there was a whole world out there, billions of people with different culture, perspectives and experiences to grow from and learn about! While I am not working an entry level job in the United States, or going to medical school, I believe I am making an educated decision in making myself a more cultured individual. Some may call it irresponsible, immature or foolish, but they can think what they want. Only the truly ignorant would not see the opportunities, self discovery and growth that this program has the potential to be. 


Have you ever done something your family doesn’t approve of? Have you ever changed career paths? 


6 thoughts on “What lead me to the Auxiliar de Conversacion Program in Spain

  1. I find it crazy your parents would say they would never speak to you again for doing the program! It’s still a job and a very good opportunity for different reasons. If nothing else, your Spanish could improve drastically!

    If you decided med school isnt for you, then you should definitely explore other options… This being one of them. Many of us do the program short-term and it leads us home. I think once they realize that, they will come around.

    PS – I wish medical school wasnt so consuming. I come from a family of doctors and actively chose not to pursue it for that reason (as well as it not being my passion, unfortunately). The world will always need doctors, though. The time requirements for doctors and students should be loosened up… It makes potential MDs run away from it unnecessarily!

    • My parents have come around which has been nice, but I too come from a family with lots in the medical field and honestly I hear horror stories from the hospital. The biggest deciding factor for me was realizing that medical school will always be there–maybe I will go in a few years, but your young twenties and this opportunity and this time in my life is fleeting, so I felt like I needed to take the leap of faith!

      A part of me is hoping I learn more about myself with this experience. I’m still pretty unsure what I want to do in the future, so I’m hoping this time abroad will help clear my head :)

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Hey, Kait!
    I just stumbled across your blog, and I can relate to your ordeal with your parents. Although my mom has been supportive, my dad gives me a DAILY guilt trip about missing Christmas with the family and God forbid, his birthday (it also doesn’t help that before I was placed I had accepted a scholarship to my parents’ alma mater for grad school). I have come to the conclusion that it’s actually HIM being a little selfish, and although I love him very much, I truly feel like I’m meant to be doing this program and I know this is a great opportunity for me. I can only hope that he will be able to see that one day. This is going to be a great adventure!! Hang in there, maybe we’ll cross paths!

    • Hi Courtney!
      Thanks for the comment :) My parents are definitely more accepting now that they’ve realized that I’m actually doing this! I’m so excited and nervous for the big adventure. And yes, if you’re ever in Pais Vasco let me know!!

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  4. I’m really sorry to hear that you had this reaction from your parents. My parents have always supported me through all of my choices – In fact, they’ve never once said they disapprove of something that’s made me happy – so I can’t even begin to imagine how you must have felt hearing that. You are seriously amazing for going after your dreams though. Really.

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