J’Adore Paris, Part 1

On May 15, just 10 days after graduating college, I went on my first trip to Europe. I visited 15 cities in 7 countries and am going to start (finally!!!) recapping my travels! Although Paris was not our first city, I just want to write about it first because I love everything about Paris.

I grew up with Eiffel Towers plastered on my walls and always dreamed of going to Paris since I was a teenager. Greece, Paris and Ireland were the three main places I always wanted to go. Possibly from too many chick flick movies (aka Sisterhood of Traveling Pants, Ps. I Love You, etc), but nontheless, those are my dream travel locations. I am happy to say that I had sky high expectations for Paris and it did not disappoint.

We took a high speed train (Eurostar) from London to Paris, arriving in Paris in the early afternoon. It was a grey, rainy day, but even when I stepped out of the train station, it was beautiful. Everything in Paris is pastel colors and so elegant. The buildings are shades of cream and beige, and even with no sunlight, they still glowed. We took taxis to our hostel (St. Christpher’s Inn), and immediatly went out to explore. The hostel was a metro ride away from the center of the city, but even though we were more towards the outskirts, it was still exactly how I imagined Paris to be. We walked a block and found a fresh bakery with baguettes and crossants for 1 euro each. The bakery was on Avenue de Flandre and called Boulangeri Patisserie Confiseri and I HIGHLY recommend their chocolate croissants. I may or may not have eaten 3 chocolate croisants each day I was in Paris…


We also went to a grocery store and got cheap bottles of wine then headed back to the hostel to get ready for the night. We had a dinner cruise on River Seine scheduled, so after freshening up, we headed to the metro. The anticipation built for me as we were on the metro, because I had yet to see the Eiffel Tower even though I had been in Paris for a half day already! As we were walking up the stairs after riding the metro, I SAW IT AND FEL OVER FROM EXCITEMENT.


We obviously had to take a million pictures of it and in front of it before heading to the river to take even more pictures before the dinner cruise.


Then we went on a dinner cruise on River Seine and watched THE EIFFEL TOWER SPARKLE AT NIGHT. Watching it sparkle was a life high for me. It was so beautiful and everything I imagined and more. Having moments like that in life is what makes you want to follow your dreams, no matter how big or unreachable they may seem. That night, I accomplished one of my life long dreams of seeing the Eiffel Tower and  fell even more in love with Paris. I was so happy that we had two more full days in the city because I could not get enough…


Stay tuned for part 2 and 3 of J’Adore Paris!

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