Post Run Pyramid Workout


I’m so excited it’s finally Friday, more so than other Fridays because next week is Carnival aka I don’t have school aka I’m jetting off to the Canary Islands for the week to explore and experience one of the biggest Carnival celebrations in Spain–Santa Cruz de Tenerife! I’ve been really busy this week and last night was the first time in a few days I actually had time (and energy) to go to the gym (woof the highschoolers have been wearing me OUT lately!). So 8:00pm rolled around and I began getting ready. I already knew what workout I wanted to do and had it all planned out in my head and was pretty excited to go lift, but I couldn’t find my gym card! I’m sure if I would have went to the gym and told them, they would let me in, but my gym is kind of far away and I didn’t want to chance it and end up wasting my night. Instead, I decided to run outside along River Nervión for around an hour and when I got back I did a post run pyramid workout on my yoga mat. It took about 15 minutes for me, but you can do it at your own pace to fit your needs. I like it because it’s quick and targets a lot of different areas on the body. It’s great for a post run workout, because has more reps for arms and abs, but there is still some cardio (burpees) and leg exercies (glute kickbacks) as well to make it well rounded. 


That photo was taken in Hawaii last year when I went with my dad. By far the most relaxing vacation of my life….TAKE ME BACK! Well, this is a short post, so check out my other posts from the week:

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If you do this workout, I hope you enjoy it! Have a good weekend! 


Do you do workouts at home? Have you ever celebrated Carnival or Mardi Gras? 


Arms & Abs Superset Workout

It’s already Monday?

Did I have a daughter that no one told me about? Is this her? Wait, that only happens for men, right? Did I just write that? ANYWAYS, this picture accurately describes how I feel most Monday mornings, especially Monday mornings after I spend my weekend galavanting around Europe. But I can’t complain, galavanting Europe is pretty fun. I spent the weekend in the most charming city I’ve visited in Spain so far…Salamanca. If you follow my Twitter or Instagram, I’m sure you know I was in Salamanca. When I travel, I’m an Instaholic or Bingestagrammer (my friend Chelsea came up with that one lol). Something about Europe + Instagram filters just makes me really, really happy.

Picture 48

But how can you not take a million pictures when you visit a city that looks like this? SO PHOTOGENIC. Salamanca’s like that friend we all have, who looks good in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE. You know, that friend who can roll out of bed and post a selfie on Instagram and look like a model. That’s Salamanca. I can’t wait to write about my trip to Salamanca and Zamora, but that’s for another post. What I want to talk about right now is weight lifting (I know, still a little weird that I do this now lol). Specifically, superset workouts.

What is a superset? A superset workout is when you choose 2 exercises and do them one after the other, with no rest in between. So you do one set of one exercise, then one set of the other exercise, then rest and repeat. A superset is a really broad term, and you can organize your exercises to match your needs. For example, some people do an upper body exercise (like bicep curls) paired with a lower body exercise (like jump squat jumps) for fat loss (lower body exercises are with larger muscles, working larger muscles means more calories burned). Or, they overload a certain muscle group by doing two exercises targeting the same area to build muscle mass. I don’t put too much thought behind mine, because for me, just weight lifting in general is good since I’m usually more likely to just do cardio and call it a day.

I did want to share a superset workout I did the other day after a run. I decided to add an abs exercise in between each superset. It’s kind of hard to explain, so I made a picture!

Picture 47

This workout was great and only took about 30 minutes after I finished a run and I felt like it was a good workout for both arms and abs (I felt the oblique side bends for a few days!). It definitely isn’t a cardio workout, so it’s good in addition to a cardio workout. I was already pretty tired after doing a speed workout run, so this was nice. Also, I really enjoy doing superset workouts because they don’t get boring. You are always switching exercises and it keeps it entertaining. So if you’re bored with your weight lifting routine, switch it up and try supersets!


How was your weekend? Would you consider yourself an Instaholic or Bingestagrammer

Ejercicio en Espana vs. Estados Unidos

So the first thing I did in Spain (even before opening a bank account or getting a metro card) was join a gym. Throughout college, I always found myself at the gym late at night (shout out to OSU for having gyms open until 2am!) and running half and full marathons at least once a year. So I knew once I got to Spain, I wanted to keep working out. I’ve been here for almost two months, which has given me enough time to try a few different workout classes and spend enough hours at the gym to really notice some differences. So here’s my top 5 differences between gyms in Spain and gyms in the US that I’ve noticed. 

1. Locker rooms: In the US, people are more private in the locker rooms. Here in Spain, women literally have conversations in the locker room completely naked and it doesn’t phase them.

2. Cleaning machines: In the US, after you are done using any machine the first thing you usually do is head over to grab a wipe to clean it. Here, nobody cleans machines after they are done using them. There isn’t even the option to clean the machine after, as there are no paper towels or wipe dispensers anywhere.

3. Metric system: This is obvious, but I totally didn’t think about it before I came. The weights are in kilograms and the treadmills are in kilometers/hour. The first day I walked into the gym and went to get free weights, I stood in front of them for a solid 5 minutes picking them up to see how they felt to me lol.


4. Cycling classes: The cycling classes here are awesome! It’s like being in a discoteca. The instructor is like a DJ. They mix different songs together but also change the lighting throughout the class. There is literally a disco ball in the middle and it is awesome!!! In the US, in the cycling classes I have taken, the instructor leads you through different hills or intervals and motivates you. However, here, the instructor leads you through different songs. For example, there will be a song with a faster beat, so you pedal faster, etc. It’s really cool and makes the class go by quickly. Most of the music is also American, which is nice for me. So even if I don’t understand everything the instructor is saying, I can understand the music :)

5. Equality: In the US, especially at the gyms at OSU, there is always a clear divide: girls are more in the cardio area and guys are in the weight area. Here, it’s equal. It’s nice because at OSU when I would go to the gyms, I literally never went to the weight area because all the bros were there and it was honestly intimidating. But here, it’s fine. I don’t feel out of place if I want to lift weights (which I don’t really like to do anyways lol but if the rare occasion comes where I want to lift a little, it’s fine).

I’ve also been trying different fitness classes and I will say that I took a yoga class and it was the most unrelaxing yoga class of my life because I had no idea what I was doing–not because I’ve never taken yoga, but it was sooo hard in another language! I can understand conversational spanish when people are speaking directly to me, but following the instructor in the class was a mess! As I’m still learning spanish, I still need it to be spoken slowly and clearly to understand, but in yoga classes it’s too hard to hear the instructor. I’m not kidding when I say everyone was in a downward facing dog and I was like 5 poses behind. The lost American in a class of Spaniards….that was me lol. So I think I stick to classes based on music, like cycling and zumba, until my spanish gets better!

But I have noticed that exercise is a priority here in Spain (specifically, Basque Country, not sure about the rest of Spain). In Bilbao there are bicycle trails along the roads and sidewalks and many people run and cycle along the river every night. Also, every fitness class I’ve ever been to at the gym is completely filled. While everyone here enjoys partying and going out, I’ve noticed that most people equally enjoy exercise and staying fit!