What lead me to the Auxiliar de Conversacion Program in Spain

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Lately, I’ve had a huge internal struggle with if I should be doing this program. To be honest, most of my question is coming from the complete unsupportive and judgmental opinion of my parents. In the past few months, I’ve heard everything from me being selfish for doing this program to them saying they will never speak to me again if I do. While that is a hard pill to swallow, something is still telling me I have to go. Somehow, this program found me and if I don’t take this opportunity, I know I will regret it the rest of my life. It all began the day I decided I wasn’t going to apply to medical school. I remember crying on the phone to my dad, because I just was so confused. I walked into the union at my college campus, a half hour early for my student organization meeting. I decided to get on my computer and look at other post-grad options. The first thing I typed into the google search was “post grad travel options”. After spending only 30 minutes on google reading about people who got their TEFL certification and have been teaching abroad, I quickly decided that would be my next step. I began dreaming of teaching in Europe and having a life abroad after graduation. It was all I could think about….

The next day, I was at lunch with my friend and I excitedly told her that I had figured out what I wanted to do after graduation. I told her I was still looking in to ways to make it happen, but I wanted to move abroad. To my surprise, she didn’t think it was crazy and knew a friend who moved to Spain. She gave me his contact information and that is when I learned about the Auxiliar De Conversacion (North American Culture & Language Assistant Program) and the rest is history!

The tough part for me has been explaining to others that people change, dreams change and life doesn’t follow a direct path. All through college, it was about medical school. But when I finally let myself really think about post grad life, I realized there was a whole world out there, billions of people with different culture, perspectives and experiences to grow from and learn about! While I am not working an entry level job in the United States, or going to medical school, I believe I am making an educated decision in making myself a more cultured individual. Some may call it irresponsible, immature or foolish, but they can think what they want. Only the truly ignorant would not see the opportunities, self discovery and growth that this program has the potential to be. 


Have you ever done something your family doesn’t approve of? Have you ever changed career paths? 


The Fear of The Unknown…

Maybe I’ve been spending too many hours working my life away at monotonous jobs that give me too much to time to think but not enough time to resolve thoughts, but lately I’ve been worried. Worried about a lot of things. To be honest, with the auxiliar program, there is quite a lot to worry about: VISAs, NIE cards, living arrangements, money (can you really survive off 700 euros a month?), the language barrier, going to Spain alone

Right now, my life feels like it is at a stand still. I’m not really going anywhere. I’m just kind of here, in Columbus, working towards Spain. It seems so far in the distance, so unreachable and not even real. Working three jobs and 65+ hour work weeks is really taking its tole on me. I was in an awful and pessimistic mood all day, but then at the end of my work shift, a buzzfeed article came up on my facebook wall….


Specifically, with this video…. 

….and I realized everything I’m doing does have a purpose. This program is the opportunity of a lifetime. I need time away from this monotonous life. I also realized that I am not only venturing abroad to find myself, but I am following one of my life passions…traveling. While it may not be a conventional life passion, and definitely not a passion my parents would want me to have, it certainly is a passion of mine. So here’s to chasing your dreams and never letting others, or society, define your life.