Arms & Abs Superset Workout

It’s already Monday?

Did I have a daughter that no one told me about? Is this her? Wait, that only happens for men, right? Did I just write that? ANYWAYS, this picture accurately describes how I feel most Monday mornings, especially Monday mornings after I spend my weekend galavanting around Europe. But I can’t complain, galavanting Europe is pretty fun. I spent the weekend in the most charming city I’ve visited in Spain so far…Salamanca. If you follow my Twitter or Instagram, I’m sure you know I was in Salamanca. When I travel, I’m an Instaholic or Bingestagrammer (my friend Chelsea came up with that one lol). Something about Europe + Instagram filters just makes me really, really happy.

Picture 48

But how can you not take a million pictures when you visit a city that looks like this? SO PHOTOGENIC. Salamanca’s like that friend we all have, who looks good in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE. You know, that friend who can roll out of bed and post a selfie on Instagram and look like a model. That’s Salamanca. I can’t wait to write about my trip to Salamanca and Zamora, but that’s for another post. What I want to talk about right now is weight lifting (I know, still a little weird that I do this now lol). Specifically, superset workouts.

What is a superset? A superset workout is when you choose 2 exercises and do them one after the other, with no rest in between. So you do one set of one exercise, then one set of the other exercise, then rest and repeat. A superset is a really broad term, and you can organize your exercises to match your needs. For example, some people do an upper body exercise (like bicep curls) paired with a lower body exercise (like jump squat jumps) for fat loss (lower body exercises are with larger muscles, working larger muscles means more calories burned). Or, they overload a certain muscle group by doing two exercises targeting the same area to build muscle mass. I don’t put too much thought behind mine, because for me, just weight lifting in general is good since I’m usually more likely to just do cardio and call it a day.

I did want to share a superset workout I did the other day after a run. I decided to add an abs exercise in between each superset. It’s kind of hard to explain, so I made a picture!

Picture 47

This workout was great and only took about 30 minutes after I finished a run and I felt like it was a good workout for both arms and abs (I felt the oblique side bends for a few days!). It definitely isn’t a cardio workout, so it’s good in addition to a cardio workout. I was already pretty tired after doing a speed workout run, so this was nice. Also, I really enjoy doing superset workouts because they don’t get boring. You are always switching exercises and it keeps it entertaining. So if you’re bored with your weight lifting routine, switch it up and try supersets!


How was your weekend? Would you consider yourself an Instaholic or Bingestagrammer

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