What I Ate Wednesday, Post #1

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Hi loves!

In the healthy living blog community, a lot of bloggers participate in What I Ate Wednesday (#WIAW), so I’m going to give it a whirl! This week has been extra great because my students have exams so I haven’t had to go to school which has left me with some extra time to do different workouts and try new recipes. I started the day off with a green smoothie.

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In the green smoothie was 1 tsp chia seeds (soaked overnight in 1 tbsp water), 1 banana, a few strawberries, a little greek yogurt (like 2 tbsp), almond milk (around 1 c), spinach and a few ice cubes. After the green smoothie, I decided to head to Getxo, a small city on the coast of Bilbao. It’s about a 20 minute metro ride from me. If you get off at the Bidzebal metro stop and walk north, you run into the beach and a great trail along the coast that has some really pretty scenery. Today, it was so clear out that you could see the snow capped mountains! I tried to capture it in a picture! SO PRETTY. 

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My original plan was to knock out my tempo run for this week, which was a 1k warm up, 5k tempo run, 1k cool down (yes, I now plan runs in kilometers after living in Spain. WHAT IS HAPPENING?). I was fine until about halfway through when the wind started blowing so hard! I thought I was going to be blown off the cliff. And I’m used to the wind. Ohio State basically turns into a giant wind tunnel in the winter, but these winds were some of the strongest winds I’ve ever felt! So I had to walk for a little, but I eventually ended up completing the whole run for a total of 7k.

There’a a 10k/marathon in France in the beginning of May, and I’m thinking about training for the marathon. I’ve done a lot of halfs and one full before, so I know how to train, but I’m just not sure how it would work with traveling so many weeks and weekends. If it was a half marathon, I would absolutely be able to do it, but training for a full marathon is such a commitment and was really tough on my body last time I did it. I just remember my life revolving around marathon training the last time I did one and I’m not sure I’m ready for that commitment again. But it’s also been 3 years since I ran a full, so I think it’s time to challenge and push myself again! And I learned a lot from training for my last one, and think I have a better idea how to train so I don’t end up with a stress fracture and a really cool boot for 2 months again. However, my plan right now is just to train like I am running the marathon, but if it seems too difficult, I’ll just do the 10k.

When I got home from the run, I did a few sets of push ups and planks and then ate a late lunch.

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I didn’t have much time, so I just made a yogurt bowl, with Fage 0%, peanut butter, muesli and strawberries. I might have eaten my lunch on my yoga mat while (re)watching some of Sean and Catherine’s Wedding. I will neither confirm nor deny. After lunch, I had to go and teach a few private English classes. I needed to print out a few papers for the classes, so after I stopped by the Alhondiga Cafe to grab a coffee before teaching.

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On Wednesdays, I teach two little boys english and they are absolutely adorable. We played a game today where they learned about how to go shopping for foods in the grocery story, and I gave them fake money to use. The money was in USD$, but had a penguin in the middle, instead of a president. After the lesson, I heard them ask their mom in Spanish if “Americans use money with penguins on it?”. I died! Too cute.

On my way home from the lesson, I stopped by the fruit and vegetable shop on my street because they were getting sweet potatoes in today! They know me as the crazy American girl who only buys sweet potatoes and stops by to ask when their next shipment is coming in. Sweet potatoes aren’t common in Spain and the normal grocery stores near me don’t have them. The first time I went in there, I didn’t know what sweet potatoes were called in spanish and with my awesome spanish I was like “Tienes patatas pero es naranja?” jajaja. But they understood and I felt really cool for being able to ask a question…. [Side note: in case you were wondering, sweet potatoes are called boniatos].

Anyways, I got my sweet potatoes and wanted to use it for dinner. I’ve also been dying to make roasted barbeque chick peas. And I currently have a lot of produce. So, I decided to make a giant salad bowl with everything.

Picture 29

In the mix is half spinach, half mixed greens, some avocado, cherry tomatoes, some sweet potato (boiled and chopped up), crumbled feta and roasted barbeque chick peas (will post recipe soon). SO GOOD. SO MANY NUTRIENTS. LOVE.

After dinner, I skyped with my sister for about 2 hours (this is what happens when we go longer than a week without talking!). She informed me about this One Direction music video, and I’m not mad about it. It’s the 1D boys dancing to Talk Dirty To Me (Song I am currently obsessed with).

This is why I love having a teenage sister. I STILL FEEL COOL BECAUSE SHE KEEPS ME UP TO DATE WITH WHAT THE TEENS ARE DOING THESE DAYS. Lastly, no day is complete without chocolate, so I also had a few squares of dark chocolate while skyping with her.

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What’s your one food you eat every day, or almost every day? Marathon runners, how do you balance marathon training with life? Advice? 

3 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday, Post #1

  1. Kaitlyn,

    First off I’m gonna congratulate you because I love your blog. Secondly, if I could give you clapping emoji that you always send I would insert them here ___. Lastly, you have a new follower because I think you live the dream life of a young twenty-something year old so congratulations you have mad me jealous. You have also inspired me to start my own blog so you better start coaching me….


    • Awww thanks so much for reading Wundy!! You know me too well with the clap emojis haha. The things I would do if I could insert them in my blog posts….

      Also, you should absolutely start a blog…it’ll be great! I hope life and college is treating you well! :)

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