The Fear of The Unknown…

Maybe I’ve been spending too many hours working my life away at monotonous jobs that give me too much to time to think but not enough time to resolve thoughts, but lately I’ve been worried. Worried about a lot of things. To be honest, with the auxiliar program, there is quite a lot to worry about: VISAs, NIE cards, living arrangements, money (can you really survive off 700 euros a month?), the language barrier, going to Spain alone

Right now, my life feels like it is at a stand still. I’m not really going anywhere. I’m just kind of here, in Columbus, working towards Spain. It seems so far in the distance, so unreachable and not even real. Working three jobs and 65+ hour work weeks is really taking its tole on me. I was in an awful and pessimistic mood all day, but then at the end of my work shift, a buzzfeed article came up on my facebook wall….

Specifically, with this video…. 

….and I realized everything I’m doing does have a purpose. This program is the opportunity of a lifetime. I need time away from this monotonous life. I also realized that I am not only venturing abroad to find myself, but I am following one of my life passions…traveling. While it may not be a conventional life passion, and definitely not a passion my parents would want me to have, it certainly is a passion of mine. So here’s to chasing your dreams and never letting others, or society, define your life. 


4 thoughts on “The Fear of The Unknown…

  1. DO IT! I was an Auxiliar in Malaga 2011-2012 and it was amazingggg!!! Honestly I’ve been home over a year now and regret not doing the program for a second year. It’s a phenomenal opportunity and the whole experience is so unique, it really pushes you out of your comfort zone like no other experience (more so than study abroad does) and you learn so much about yourself. It is SUPER intimidating to start a new life in a new country, with no close-by familiar resources, but it’s worth it in the end. All the scary stuff; NIE/visa/living arrangements are only the first few weeks (a month, tops) and then the fun starts!

    To ease your mind a bit: you can definitely live off 700euros a month (but I’d recommend having some savings with you when you first arrive). To supplement your income private lessons can bring in an additional 100-200euros a month, depending on how many you take on. A great resource for putting yourself out there to find students for private lessons is Trust me, it works.

    I miss Spain so much and could talk about it for hours! Check out my blog to see my experience living as an auxiliar. It has it’s ups and downs, but the ups are so worth it!

  2. I have an American friend who did the auxiliar programme this year, and loved it so much that she is returning for a second stint. Follow your dreams, and good luck! Looking forward to reading more about your adventures as they happen :)

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